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How Does the Affiliate Contest Work?

We’re extremely excited about our much-anticipated affiliate program and a contest that anyone can participate in.

We realized it would be fun to support our affiliates with some great rewards. Here’s your chance to earn a big bonus by sharing your experience with Rank Math and winning the Rank Math Affiliate contest.

In this knowledgebase article, we’re going to walk you through the details of Rank Math’s Affiliate Contest.

Exclusive for you: You can enter the contest by filling out our affiliate entry form. Read further to learn more about the contest details.

Rank Math’s Affiliate Contest in a Nutshell

Rank Math’s Affiliates team is happy to present you with an opportunity to earn $200 every month in addition to the regular affiliate commission that you’ll make (30% of the sale).

Let’s take a quick sneak-peek at our Affiliate Contest:

  1. If you publish a unique and evergreen piece of article that showcases your expertise and experience with Rank Math with your audience, we’ll reward you with $200 (2 winners, $400 in total).
  2. If you shoot a video covering Rank Math, we’ll reward you with $200 (2 winners, $400 in total).
  3. The contest is on top of the affiliate commission.
  4. You need not worry about the traction that you’ll receive for your content. We’ll reward you for creating content based on Rank Math, whether your content receives traffic or not.
  5. You’ll be rewarded for creating awesome content.

What Type of Content is Accepted?

Please note that the content should be unique and should not be copied from anywhere. Any copied or reused content will be immediately disqualified.

We accept the following types of content:

  1. Textual content (articles, blog posts, reviews/tutorials) covering Rank Math.
  2. Video content covering Rank Math.

Don’t be afraid to be different. Think outside the box as a broader perspective can make you more receptive to various ideas and help you create compelling content.

There is no minimum required length for both text and video content. However, we request you not to republish the content again.

You can apply every month for every new piece of content. Not only this, but you can also apply multiple times if you’ve created multiple pieces of unique content. But please don’t apply more than once for the same entry.

How Can You Enter the Contest?

You can enter the contest by filling out our simple entry form. Don’t forget to include your affiliate link in the content to double the benefit from it.

What Are the Prizes?

Every month, we’ll announce a winner for the best article and a winner for the best video. The best articles will be rewarded $400 from us (2 winners get $200 each), and the best-selected videos will also be rewarded $400 (2 winners get $200 each)

If you win the contest in a given month by creating both an article and a video, we will pay you $400 ($200 for the article and $200 for the video).

In addition to the cash prize, winners will also be rewarded with a free Rank Math PRO subscription for a year. If you’ve already subscribed for a PRO membership, then your membership will be extended for another year.

We hope that this contest also inspires you to produce content that generates more affiliate commissions.

How Will We Choose the Winner?

We will carefully evaluate all the submitted content pieces every month and remove any entries that are not genuine. After careful evaluation, the winner is selected randomly from the qualified submissions.

The announced winners will be added to the affiliate area as shown below:

Rank Math Affiliate Contest winners

Besides – winners will be announced and celebrated on our Facebook group with 50K+ members.

So why not give it a shot?

Tip from our Affiliate team: Remember to add your affiliate links in all the appropriate places in your content so that you make a passive income while waiting for the winners’ announcement! All the best to you, and may the best candidate win! Please make sure to add a disclosure. More information can be found on our Affiliate Terms & Conditions page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Prize for the Affiliate Contest?

Every month, we’ll announce 4 winners for the best articles (2 winners) and the best videos (2 winners). We will reward the best articles and the best videos with $200 each. Winners will also receive a free Rank Math PRO subscription for a year.

Can I Exchange the PRO Membership for Cash?

We offer Rank Math PRO membership as a complementary and cannot be exchanged for cash. If you’ve already subscribed for a Rank Math PRO membership, we will extend your subscription for one more year.

Who Can Take Part in This Affiliate Contest?

The contest is open to all affiliates worldwide, except where participation is prohibited or restricted by national or local laws.

How Can You Enter the Affiliate Contest?

To take part in this affiliate contest, we encourage you to come up with a genuine article or video showing your experience with Rank Math (without any partiality). The entries can then be submitted by filling out our entry form.

How Are the Winners Selected?

We will carefully evaluate all the submitted content pieces and reserve the right to reject any ingenuine entries. Winners are then selected randomly from the qualified entries.

Should I Add a Disclosure to My Review?

If disclosures are required by your applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, then you must make sure to follow them and include a disclosure accordingly.

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