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Google may have recently launched another unconfirmed update to its search ranking algorithm. The update was noticeable as early as February 13th, 2023, just a few days after unconfirmed updates on February 4th and 8th.

Several SERP tracking tools have confirmed fluctuations and volatility in search results. Also, some SEOs have confirmed traffic spikes and movements on their websites.

What Are People Saying?

Several SEOs have tweeted about the unconfirmed update. Here’s what Glenn Gabe had to say:

Barry Schwartz also shared his thoughts on Twitter about the unconfirmed update.

What’s Next – Dealing With This Update

It can be challenging to deal with an unconfirmed Google search ranking algorithm update as Google does not announce them. And since there are no guidelines about the update, it becomes hard to pinpoint the source of the ranking variations.

However, if you’re seeing fluctuations in your traffic, you can closely monitor your website’s search ranking performance using Rank Math’s Analytics to track the affected pages of your website. This allows you to evaluate the quality and relevance of the content on your website.

Moreover, you can check for technical issues such as broken links, slow loading speeds, and other problems that could hurt your SEO.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to recover from an unconfirmed Google update.

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