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Kuinka päivittää Rank Math PRO

v3.0.65 kesäkuu 26, 2024

  • Updated: German translations
  • Parantunut: Date in podcasts will now use the format from site settings
  • Korjattu: Rank Tracker Graph was displaying keywords with a position of 0 at the top
  • Korjattu: Exporting data to CSV was incorrectly converting single quotes to double quotes

v3.0.64 kesäkuu 12, 2024

  • Parantunut: Podcast RSS feed now supports special characters in the summary
  • Fixed: Invalid <itunes:explicit> warning in the Podcast feed
  • Fixed: Schema type for variable products was changing to ProductGroup even when a custom Product Schema is used in the product page

v3.0.62 toukokuu 15, 2024

  • Korjattu: Setting about link to the static homepage was breaking the Schema
  • Korjattu: Filter to modify the news:language property in the News Sitemap was not functioning properly
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