Rank MathPROを更新する方法

v3.0.32.1 3月 18, 2023

  • Improved: Updated the notification text which appears if the old version of Rank Math Free is installed on the site
  • 修正:タイプミス Index Status tab
  • Fixed: Trends Graph on the 投稿分析 was showing Invalid Date on some setups

v3.0.32 3月 8, 2023

  • 改善: Noindex Hidden products feature can now set a Taxonomy page to noindex, if all its products are hidden
  • Fixed: Incorrect date format used in the Post Analytics Badge
  • Removed: Deprecated Attorney Schema type from the Business Type settings. Existing sites using this Business type will now be switched to LegalService as their LocalBusiness Schema type

v3.0.30 2月 9, 2023

v3.0.29 1月 25, 2023