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The Most Sophisticated Redirection Manager

Finally, a Redirection Manager that is the real deal. Manage your website's redirections with the superhero-like powers bestowed in the most complete Redirection Manager plugin created for WordPress, ever.

  • Simple and Intuitive interface - The Redirection Manager is the simplest on the planet. You can start creating redirects with just a couple of clicks.

  • Lightweight & Optimized for Speed - A slow redirection defeats the purpose of the redirection. That is why we built the Redirection Manager to be blazing fast with well-optimized code.

  • Secure Code - Hundreds of Man Hours. Thousands of Tests. The sharpest of Minds. All have worked together to make the Redirection Manager as secure as a tank.

Redirections by Rank Math

5 Different types of Source Checks

The Redirection Manager gives you full control over your redirects while keeping the process of creating the redirects as simple as possible.

  • Exact Match - Use the Exact Match option to redirect exact URLs to the destination URLs of your choice

  • Contains particular string - Use the partial match feature to redirect any URL containing a string to a new URL

  • Starts with particular string - Redirect all URLs that start with a specific string to a new URL

  • Ends with particular string - Redirect all URLs that end with a specific string to a new URL

  • Regex support - The Redirect Manager fully supports Regex, using which you can create the most complex redirects with ease

Simple & Advanced Mode

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