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Easily Track 404 Errors

Rank Math's robust 404 monitor shows you important 404 data in an easy-to-use interface.

  • Accurate Data - Don't miss a single 404 error on your website. The 404 data is 100% accurate

  • Track Number of Hits - See exactly how many users see a particular 404 error on your website in real-time.

  • Shows the last Accessed Time - Check when a URL last showed a 404 error to your visitors so you know which ones are recent and which ones don't get seen that often.

  • Option to Clear the Log - Once you are done fixing the 404s, easily clear the log to clean up your database tables clean and your website loading fast.

Easily Track 404 Errors

Full Control Over Plugin Settings

Choose to monitor all or specific broken links only.

  • Log Limit - Control how many error logs are recorded to keep the log size under control.

  • Exclude URLs - Choose to exclude certain URL patterns from being recorded in the error logs.

  • Exclude Keywords - Don't want to see 404s containing a specific keyword? You can choose to do that.

  • Ignore Query Parameters - Exclude 404s that contain query parameters in URLs. Especially useful for avoiding query spam 404s.

Full Control Over Plugin Settings

Redirect 404 Pages

If Redirection Manager by Rank Math plugin is present then you can easily redirect these 404 URLs.

Redirect 404 Pages

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