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Installing Rank Math PRO with Composer

You can also install Rank Math PRO with the help of Composer – a dependency manager for PHP. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the process.

1 Navigate to your email inbox and look for the welcome email sent from the Rank Math Team.

Welcome Email

2 Right-click on Login and copy the link address.

copy the direct login link

3 Go to any redirect checking tool and enter the URL you just copied to find your unique API Token. Copy your token like in the GIF below

find your api token

4 You need to copy the username that you received in the email and the API Token that you found in the redirect checking tool (refer to above GIF) and use them in the below link:


For example – in the following format:


Use this link to install Rank Math PRO using Composer.

If you cannot find your API Token, write to our support team at support@rankmath.com from your registered email ID and we will provide that.

Note: The private login link and API Token is unique to your account. It can be used to directly login to your account. Do not share it with anyone.

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