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Why You Should Avoid Nulled, GPL & Cracked Versions of Rank Math PRO

With the wide range of functionality available in Rank Math PRO – it’s not surprising to us that some people just getting started online are considering downloading nulled/cracked versions of the plugin.

This is something we’d genuinely urge you not to do, not because we don’t profit when you do so but for your own site’s safety. The free version of Rank Math alone already does more than most (if not all) WordPress SEO plugins out there – so you’ll be far more than just fine with it until the cost/value in upgrading to Rank Math PRO or even a Business plan is easy for you to justify.

Reasons To Avoid Nulled & Cracked Versions of Rank Math

1 Privacy

If you choose a version that is not distributed by us then it would hamper your privacy. Your username, password, email address, and all your personal information might be at a risk. The cracked version can contain various kinds of malicious code hidden inside and you might have no clue about it.

2 Can’t Access the New Updates

You will not be able to access the new updates if you are using the cracked or the nulled version of the plugin. As a nulled plugin can’t be updated, your website may start misbehaving or become inaccessible. Hence we recommend you to use the free version of Rank Math and enjoy the features. If you want to significantly improve your website then you can also download our PRO version.

In case of cracked/nulled version, there are chances of data theft, data loss and can lead to legal proceedings where you might just end up paying huge amounts to the lawyers. Instead, we recommend you download either the free or the PRO version of Rank Math to avoid unnecessary billings from the lawyers.

4 No Developer Support

The nulled version will definitely not get you the support of our developers. But if you pay for our plugin or use the free version then our developers are available at any given time to help you out if you encounter any issues with our plugin.

It might seem like a great deal to get a premium plugin or even a theme for free. But in our opinion, it’s just not worth it. We believe that time is money and nulled/cracked versions are just a waste of your time. And that’s why we strongly recommend you use the freely available version of Rank Math for now. And then, once you’re no longer on such a tight budget, Rank Math PRO will still be here for you & you’ll be able to upgrade in a matter of minutes…

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