How to Delete Your Rank Math Account?

We understand you may no longer require Rank Math or may be closing down your site. We’re very sorry to see you go. Deleting your Rank Math account will permanently restrict you from accessing the member area and its freebies, including the free SEO course.

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Note: If you have multiple accounts with Rank Math and want to consolidate them, we suggest merging them instead of deleting them.

If you wish to proceed, follow the simple process described below to delete your account.

How Do I Delete My Rank Math Account?

You can delete your account by opening a ticket on our Support forum or emailing us at requesting to delete your account.

Open a ticket on our Support forum

Your request will be honored, and our support team will inform you once your account is deleted. If you prefer to keep your account, here are the benefits you’ll continue to enjoy with your free Rank Math account.

That’s it. If you have any questions or concerns, you’re welcome to contact our dedicated support team. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year…

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