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How to Cancel Your Rank Math Subscription

If you’ve decided to cancel your Rank Math PRO, Content AI, or SEO Course subscription, we’re sorry to see you go. If you’re looking for any support assistance from our team, feel free to create a ticket at our support forum, as we offer premium support for our Rank Math PRO, Content AI, and SEO Course users.

Note: If you cancel your Rank Math subscription now and decide to use our plugin sometime in the future, perhaps after a year, you’ll be renewing at our future prices (higher), while our existing members are locked to the current price regardless of any price change in future.

Besides, if you still wish to proceed, we’ll walk you through how you can cancel your Rank Math PRO, Content AI, and SEO Course subscriptions in this tutorial.

Cancel Your Rank Math PRO Subscription

Note: Follow the same steps to cancel your Content AI and SEO Course subscriptions.

When you cancel your subscription, you’ll no longer be charged automatically for renewing the Rank Math PRO subscription. To cancel your subscription:

1 Navigate to Rank Math Dashboard

At first, login to your Rank Math account and navigate to Rank Math Dashboard → Subscriptions

Navigate to Rank Math Dashboard - Subscriptions

2 Change Payment Methods

In the subscriptions page, choose Payment Methods tab and click the Change Payment Methods button.

Change Rank Math Payment Methods

3 Access FastSpring Checkout

The FastSpring Checkout Page will open in a new tab. To allow FastSpring to access your information, enter the email address you used to purchase the subscription and click the Continue button.

Enter your Rank Math email address used for subscription in the FastSpring Checkout page

When you click Continue, you’ll see a message that an email with instructions has been sent to your inbox.

FastSpring Checkout email sent notification

4 Login to FastSpring Checkout

Check your inbox for an email from our Rank Math SEO team with your unique login link to FastSpring. Choose the Click here to manage your orders link option.

FastSpring Email with Login link from Rank Math

Caution: The FastSpring login link is unique to your account, and we request you not to share the link with anyone else, as they include your subscription details.

5 Cancel Rank Math Subscription

Once you’ve logged in, open the Subscriptions tab, click the Manage button, and choose Cancel Subscription.

Rank Math Cancel Subscription

Now, you will see a prompt asking you for a confirmation to cancel the subscription. If you wish to cancel, click the Yes button.

Confirm Rank Math Pro Subscription Cancellations

Once you’ve cancelled the subscription, you’ll notice a cancellation status for your subscription.

Rank Math subscription cancelled

And, that’s it! Your Rank Math PRO subscription has been canceled and will remain active only until the end of the paid period. Once the period ends, you will no longer have access to the product, updates, files & support tickets.

Reactivate Rank Math PRO Membership

If you have changed your decision on canceling your Rank Math PRO subscription or if you’ve accidentally canceled the subscription, it is still not too late, as you can reactivate your Rank Math PRO membership. You can reactivate your membership in two different ways.

Note: Follow the same steps to un-cancel your Content AI and SEO Course subscriptions.

1 Un-Cancel Rank Math PRO Membership

If you’re still on the FastSpring Checkout page, click the Manage button and choose the Un-Cancel option.

Uncancel Rank Math PRO subscription

Now, you’ll see a prompt with confirmation to un-cancel your Rank Math PRO subscription. Click the Un-Cancel button to activate your Rank Math subscription once again.

Un-cancel Rank Math Pro subscription confirmation

2 Revert Subscription Cancellation

You can also reactivate your Rank Math subscription inside your Rank Math Dashboard. Navigate to Rank Math Dashboard → Subscriptions and click the Revert Cancellation button.

Revert Rank Math PRO Subscription Cancellation

Once your PRO subscription is reactivated successfully, you’ll see a success message like this.

Rank Math subscription reactivated

And, that’s it! If you still have any questions on Rank Math memberships & if there is any particular reason that lets you cancel, and if it is perhaps something we can help you with, please do share your feedback at Any feedback you have to offer would be much appreciated.

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