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Google might have been possibly rolling out a new search ranking update causing significant spikes in web traffic. The update might have begun affecting many on 6th May, causing a significant drop in traffic for many regions.

Later, there was a surge in web traffic on the 8th of May, which happens to be Mother’s Day. While Google has not officially confirmed this issue, we can expect some time for the search movements to get settled.

What Are People Saying?

Several SEO Experts and webmasters have noticed the spike in ranking and left their views in the Twitter thread.

Some even experienced the volatility for a few days. They even saw a big drop in ranking keywords, where they previously ranked at the top of search result pages for the same keywords.

Google’s Official Response

As of now, Google has not officially confirmed the update. Though Google has not commented anything on this update, we can expect the search algorithm update might still have an effect in the coming days.

What Next – Dealing With This Update

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