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Google’s Danny Sullivan took to Twitter to confirm a broad core update being released today, known as the June 2021 core update. Sullivan adds a note that some of their planned improvements aren’t ready yet, and so, they are moving forward with the parts that are ready, and the rest will follow in the July 2021 update.

Core updates, in general, are not site-specific and a part of the regular update that Google Search undergoes thousands of times a year to improve the experience and quality of the search results.

Two-Part Nature of the Core Update

Sullivan also gives insights about the core update being released in two parts — some of the changes seen in this update are likely to be reversed in the next update.

So, if your site sees a gain or loss in the SERP position as a result of this core update, you’ll need to wait until the next core update, as the changes might get reversed.

If you’re looking to improve your search performance in general, including the core updates, you’ll need to check the detailed guidance from Google.

Note: The June 2021 core update concluded on June 12, 2021.

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