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Google has shared information on the demotion signal developed to enhance the DMCA update (also known as Pirate update). Any website demoted by this update, on average, loses 89% of the search traffic.

Google’s DMCA update was originally launched in the year 2012 and was further updated in the year 2014. Since then, this is the first time, Google has advised regarding DMCA update.

What Are People Saying?

Glenn Gabe, an SEO Expert took to Twitter to share details related to this DMCA update that he has spotted.

Google’s Official Announcement

On Feb 8, 2022, Google sent a document to the U.S. Copyright Office that explains how the DMCA Update (also known as Pirate update) has been enhanced by Google.

Google improved its measures to catch redirect schemes and stated that any site demoted by this update on average loses an 89% drop in search traffic.

Here is what Google has mentioned regarding this update,

Demotion of Websites That Receive A Large Volume of Notices :

We have developed a “demotion signal” for Google Search that causes sites for which we have received a large number of valid removal notices to appear much lower in search results. We have also made it much harder for infringing sites to evade demotion by redirecting people to a new domain. Finally, we have added a “still-in-theaters/prerelease” flag for DMCA notices involving this category of content to enhance the Search demotion signal. When a site is demoted, the traffic Google Search sends it drops, on average, by 89% on average.

Demonetization of Claimed Infringing URLs:

When a URL is delisted from Search following a DMCA notice, any Google ads running on that page are automatically disabled. We also will not run ads on Search that link to delisted pages.

What’s Next – Dealing With This Update

In case, your website has been demoted by this DMCA update, then you could find notices related to these issues in your Google Search Console account. You can also check Google’s transparency report to identify the copyright removal requests against the domain. To restore your site’s traffic, you’d need to clean up all these issues and submit a reconsideration request to Google.

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