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What is Link Reclamation?

Link reclamation is the practice of fixing the broken links pointing to your webpages. These links could be internal links originating from your site or inbound links originating from another site. 

If you’ve run a site for a while, you should expect some links to break. This could happen after you’ve moved content around, changed your site’s permalink structure, or deleted some content.

The broken links will typically return a 404 page. This is terrible for SEO and will diminish the user experience for your visitors. To prevent such, you engage in link reclamation to fix the broken links and retrieve your links back. 

The broken links originating from your site are easy to fix. You only need to head to the linking pages to update the backlinks. However, in the case of broken links from other sites, you will have to create redirections or contact the linking site to update the link. 

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