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What is HTTP 500 Internal Server Error?

The HTTP 500 Internal Server Error status code indicates the server encountered an unexpected issue preventing it from fulfilling your request. It belongs to the 5xx series of HTTP status codes.

  • 5 indicates there is an issue with the server or its configuration
  • xx is a placeholder for two numbers that provide more information about the server error

Typically, a server will return some other 5xx response code to explain why it could not fulfill your request. Servers only return a 500 response code when no other 5xx code represents the specific error encountered.

This makes the HTTP 500 Internal Server Error a generic error message. It does not provide specific information about the nature of the error, but can occur due to various reasons, including:

  • Programming errors
  • Server misconfigurations
  • Database issues

When you encounter an HTTP 500 error, check your server logs or contact the website administrator for investigation and resolution.

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