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What is Google Knowledge Panel?

Google Knowledge Panel is a SERP feature that displays factual information about a person, place, or thing. The information shown is extracted from the Google Knowledge Graph, which is a database containing factual information about existent and nonexistent things.

On desktops, the Google Knowledge panel is displayed on the right side of the search results.

Google Knowledge panel on desktop

On mobile, the knowledge panel is displayed within the search results. 

Google Knowledge panel on mobile


The Google Knowledge Graph provides searchers with a summary of the search term, along with a few facts relevant to the search. In situations where a person searches for a name or term used by two or more entities, they can navigate to the See results about field and select which entities they would like to see. 

See results about


Google introduced the knowledge panel in a blog post published on May 16, 2012. In the announcement, Google stated that the Knowledge Graph will allow searchers to find relevant content quickly. 

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