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What is a Link Profile?

A link profile refers to the composition and attributes of the links pointing to a site. It is the quality and quantity of those links and their relevance to the other content on the site receiving the link.

A link profile can be considered “good” or “bad,” depending on the quality and characteristics of the links. This can be determined by analyzing the details of the link, including: 

  • Its anchor text
  • The authority of the linking site
  • The trustworthiness of the linking domain
  • The method through which the site acquired the links
  • How relevant the linking page and website is to the site receiving the link

A good link profile contains links with natural-sounding anchor texts. These links are not spammy or over-optimized and flow well with the rest of the content. These links are also acquired naturally. That is, the linking site found the content themselves and linked to it because they considered it helpful.

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