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What is a Bridge Page?

A bridge page is a type of landing page created to send the visitor to another webpage. They are popular in affiliate marketing, where they serve as a ‘bridge’ between the ad for the product and the sales page of the website selling the product.

Why Do Affiliates Use Bridge Pages?

To Qualify Their Leads: Affiliates only earn when they make a sale, so it makes sense for them to send only visitors ready to buy to the sales page. 

To Comply With Advertising Guidelines: Advertising platforms like Google and Meta will block ads that contain affiliate links. Affiliates get around this by using the link of the bridge page in the ads. 

To Collect Contact Details: The bridge page allows the affiliate to collect their lead email and phone number for future follow-up.

An example of an affiliate marketing sales funnel that uses a bridge page would look like this:

  1. The visitor’s journey begins with clicking an ad in search results or social media.
  2. When clicked, the visitor is sent to the bridge page and warmed for the upcoming sale.
  3. Once the visitor decides to purchase the product, they are sent to a webpage owned by the site selling the product.
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