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What is Grey Hat SEO?

Grey hat SEO is a search engine optimization technique that combines white hat and black hat SEO tactics. These SEO tactics do not totally conform with search engine guidelines to be considered white hat. At the same time, they do not totally go against search engine guidelines to be considered black hat. 

For example, a creator may create high-quality content, which is a white hat SEO technique. However, he may then buy backlinks to improve the position of that content in search. This is a black hat SEO technique.

Grey hat SEO may also involve techniques that can be considered both white and black hat SEO. For example, a site may pay another site to publish its guest post. This could be considered guest blogging (white hat SEO) or link buying (black hat SEO).

While grey hat SEO techniques may offer short-term benefits, they can also carry the risk of penalties from search engines if discovered.

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