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What is No Snippet Meta Tag?

The No Snippet meta tag instructs search engines not to display featured snippets, video previews, and the meta description from a webpage in search results. 

Featured snippets are organic search results that go beyond the regular ten blue links. They contain non-textual data, especially images, and are displayed at the top of search results pages, as shown below.

Video previews are the clips that search engines display for videos included in search results. 

Video preview

A meta or SEO description is the content summary displayed below the meta title on search engine result pages.

Meta Description

When you apply a no snippet meta tag to a webpage, all three content types will be excluded from search results pages. However, Google may still show an image preview in search results. Similarly, Google will stop showing the cached version of your website in the search results.

You can declare a no snippet on your webpage, as shown below.

<meta name="robots" content="nosnippet"> 
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