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What is the Disavow Tool?

The disavow tool is a web tool for telling Google to ignore links you paid for or gained using techniques considered unnatural. Google will ignore the links you disavow, absolving you of any SEO benefit or penalties you may have otherwise gotten. 

Disavow tool

Google suosittelee you to use the disavow tool only when you want to disavow black hat links you created or someone else created on your behalf. For example, if you hired an SEO who engaged in dishonest link-building strategies.

In such situations, Google recommends you first contact the site linking to you and request them to remove the link. If they refuse, you can upload the link to the disavow tool.

However, Google advises not to worry about disavowing any spammy or low-quality links you did not create, as its sophisticated algorithm can automatically identify and ignore them.

That said, Google has clarified that the links entered into the disavow tool are considered ‘strong suggestions’ rather than instructions. You can access the disavow tool over here.

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