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What is Spam Score?

Spam score is a metric for measuring the spam-likeliness of a webpage, website, or group of websites. Different tools have different methods of calculating the spam score.

Some tools focus on the traits shared by sites marked as spam and then compare the sites being inspected against those traits. 

Other spam score tools look into a site’s features to determine how spammy it may be. For example, the spam score tool may look into:

  • The content of the webpage
  • The titles and subheadings on the webpage 
  • Whether the site runs on HTTP or HTTPS 
  • The length of the domain name
  • The presence of numbers in the domain
  • The top-level domain (TLD) used
  • The type of backlinks on the webpage
  • The ratio of internal and external links on the webpage
  • The use of script tags and social meta tags on the webpage
  • The presence of contact information on the site
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