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What is a Navigational Query?

Eine Navigationsabfrage ist eine Suchanfrage von Besuchern, die zu einer bestimmten Webseite oder Site navigieren.

Navigational queries typically contain branded keywords. That is, they include all or part of the brand name or site the searcher is heading to. For example, Coke, Apfel, und Coca-Cola website are navigational queries. 

In response, search engines will return websites and pages belonging to the site mentioned in the search query. The search results page may also include news, products, videos, and social media profiles of the product or brand.

For example, Apple’s website and news appear at the top of the search results page when we search for Apfel. Information about Apple, including its social media handles, is displayed in a knowledge panel on the right side of the page.

Sample of a search results page for a navigational query

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