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Cos'è un hub di contenuti?

A content hub is an online resource containing multiple content on a specific topic. It is intended to attract and engage users by giving them access to valuable and relevant subtopics on a single topic, all in one place.

A content hub consists of two types of content:

  • Pillar pages
  • Subpages

The pillar page is the primary and most important content in the hub. It is intended to give the visitor a general overview of the topic and links to other pages called subpages.

The subpages contain detailed and in-depth information about specific parts of the topic. They are typically linked to from the pillar pages. 

That said, content hubs are typically high-quality and in-depth. For this reason, they attract organic traffic and boost the publishing site’s SEO efforts. They also improve the site’s user experience and allow search engines to understand your content better. 

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