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What is Article Syndication?

Article syndication is the practice of publishing a single article on multiple sites. The article may be republished in part or whole.

It is easy to identify a syndicated article as the site republishing it usually includes some text informing the reader that the article was originally published elsewhere. It will also contain a hyperlink pointing to the original article.

Article Syndication

It is important to differentiate between a syndicated article and a guest post.

  • A syndicated article is first published on the author’s site before republishing on another site.
  • A guest post is published on a site other than the author’s own website. In many cases, the site on which it is published will require the content to be unique and not published elsewhere.

While article syndication is a great way to get more eyes on your content, it should be done carefully to ensure that the site republishing your content doesn’t outrank your main content.

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