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What is Log File Analysis?

Lokitiedostoanalyysi on prosessi, jossa käytetään sivustosi lokitiedostoa palvelimesi ongelmien tunnistamiseen ja mahdollisuuksiin parantaa teknistä SEO:tä.

Your site’s server has a log file that stores the details of the browsers and bots that access your site. The log file contains:

  • The IP address of the visiting browser or bot
  • The device on which it is installed
  • The URL it accessed
  • The time it accessed the URL 
  • The HTTP request the bot sends to your server
  • The HTTP status code your server returned

Reviewing this log file data lets you understand how human visitors and crawler bots interact with your site. That way, you gain insights into errors affecting your technical SEO and develop new techniques to improve your technical SEO. 

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