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What is the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)?

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is a Core Web Vitals metric that measures how fast the main part of the webpage shows up on the screen. This could be the largest image or longest paragraph visible within the viewport.

The images considered for determining a site’s Largest Contentful Paint include:

  • Images surrounded by the <img> element
  • <image> elements in an <svg> element
  • Thumbnail image of a <video> element
  • First frame in a <video> element set to autoplay
  • Background image of an element loaded using the url() function
  • First image of a GIF or other animated image

Certain image and text elements are excluded from being considered for the Largest Contentful Paint, including:

  • Elements that are invisible to the user. These are elements that have their opacity set to zero
  • Elements that cover the entire viewport. These elements are considered background elements and not content
  • Images that are unrelated to the content on the webpage, for example, placeholder images and images with low entropy

Google recommends you keep your Largest Contentful Paint below 2.5 seconds. You can measure it using the PageSpeed Insights tool.

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