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What is Search Intent?

Die Suchabsicht bezieht sich auf das Endziel eines Benutzers, der eine Suchanfrage in eine Suchmaschine eingibt. 

Understanding search intent plays a significant role in keyword research, as Google only wants to display content that satisfies the searcher’s intent. 

So when a searcher enters a query into Google, Google analyzes it to determine its intent and then displays the results it considers the most appropriate for that intent.

For example, a person who enters best laptops under $200 will prefer review-style results that list multiple laptops and their benefits and drawbacks. On the other hand, a user who enters Is yoga good for me wants results that provide him with more information about yoga.

Search intent is split into four, depending on the type of search query used. They are:

  • Informational: This refers to the query searchers use to learn more about something.
  • Navigational: This refers to the query used by searchers heading to a particular webpage or site. 
  • Transactional: This refers to the query used by a searcher who is ready to complete a transaction, most often a purchase.
  • Commercial: This refers to the query used by searchers looking to buy an item. 
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