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What is Google Stacking?

Google Stacking, Google Drive Stacking oder Google Entity Stacking ist eine Linkaufbautechnik, die durch die Verlinkung zu einer Site aus Google-Diensten wie Google Docs, Sheets und Photos ausgeführt wird. 

Google Stacking is done with the intent of earning authority from Google services. It is executed by:

  1. Adding your business details to as many Google services as possible
  2. Ensuring the services you added your details to are publicly available
  3. Compiling the links to those services in another Google service like Google Sheets

For example, you can author an article in Google Docs. The article will contain your business details, including its name, contact information, description, and website. It may also include your target keywords.

Then, you can create a Google Photos album and name it after your business name and keywords. Once done, you can upload your business photos and logos to the album.

You could then organize your documents and images into a Google Drive folder named after your business and target keywords. Finally, you will upload the links to your Google Docs, Photos, and Drive to a Google Sheet. 

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