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What is Article Spinning?

Article spinning is a technique to rewrite someone else’s content and then pass it off as new. It is also called content spinning.

Article spinning is different from content repurposing. Content repurposing involves republishing your own content in another format. For example, turning your blog post into a video. 

Article spinning, on the other hand, is recreated in the same format. The resulting article is rarely helpful to human readers and is created with the sole intent of manipulating search engines. 

This is why article spinning is considered a black-hat SEO strategy. Many also consider it plagiarism, especially if the article was spun without the author’s or publisher’s permission.

With that said, article spinning takes two forms:

  • The first is content that is rewritten by hand. In this case, the human writer changes words, phrases, and sentences to make the article appear different from the existing one. 
  • The other involves the use of article rewriting software. In the past, these software returned low-quality content but have become more sophisticated with the introduction of AI rewriting tools. 
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