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What Is 10x Content?

Rand Fishkin of Moz coined 10x content to describe any content that is ten times better than the current top-ranking content. This could be an article, video, social media post, podcast, infographic or anything else. 

According to Rand, 10x content is so good that it raises the bar. It is the content that your visitors cannot ignore and is hard for your competitors to recreate. 

By creating 10x content, you give yourself an advantage over the competition, as you’re able to rank for your focus keyword while your competitor doesn’t even come close. 

10x content goes beyond the content itself. You should also ensure that your page loads fast and is easily navigable. 

To create 10x content,

  • You should review the top content ranking for your focus keyword.
  • Then, you check the most shared content on social media.
  • Finally, create content that is 10 times better than them. 
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