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What is Broad Match?

Broad match is a keyword match type in online advertising. It is the default match type assigned to all your keywords in Google and Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing Ads). 

Ads set to broad match may appear when a search query includes one or more words in your keyword. The ads may also appear for misspellings, synonyms, variations, and keywords related to the target keyword. 

Broad match type ads have a wider reach without requiring you to build an extensive keyword list, but may also result in your ads appearing for less relevant or unrelated keywords. 

For example, if you create an ad that targets the keyword meubles boutique and set it to broad match, your ads may display when a user searches for furniture store et home furnishing shop. Both keywords are related to your keyword, so you may be okay with them. 

However, your ads may also display for home decor et cream colored leather sectional. These keywords are distantly related to your keyword and may not represent your ideal audience. 

As a result, ads set to broad match often have high ad spend and impressions but low conversions. 

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