Quarter 2, 2019

Fix any new issues on a priority basis

Although Rank Math SEO is stable now and we have ironed out all the bugs - a few minor ones are bound to creep up once in a while especially with frequent updates. Fixing them all is #1 on our priority list. We are working day and night to ensure even the minor bugs get fixed ASAP.

Schema Markup (Rich Snippets) Plugin

Completed [June 10th, 2019]
We know you love having a schema-ready website. We will be releasing Schema Markup as a separate plugin as well so you can use it with any other SEO plugin.

Make WooCommerce SEO Independent

Product SEO is just as important as blog post/page SEO. Rank Math SEO handles WooCommerce SEO pretty well right now, and we are going to help every WordPress user enjoy that by releasing it as a separate plugin.

SEO Analyzer for Other SEO Plugins

After performing SEO on your WordPress website with ANY SEO plugin, you want to know how you well you are doing. That's why we will be bringing SEO Analyzer to you even when you are not using Rank Math SEO.

Make Sitemaps Independent

Even if you aren’t ready to move your entire SEO related tasks to Rank Math, we won’t hold that against you. Just want to use the powerful sitemap functionality? You can do that.

Increase the code coverage by at least 20%

Having a stable product inspite of regular updates is just as important as having a stable product, to begin with. We will be increasing our code coverage by at least 20% so we can catch bugs during our PHP unit tests, ensuring they never hit production websites.

Use WP VIP Standards while coding

Having our plugin ready for the WP VIP program is on our list for this quarter. Overall performance and quality will increase further as our plugin gets ready for the top-of-the-line WordPress hosting program.

Premium version's MVP

The premium version of Rank Math SEO is being heavily requested. We hope to have a minimum viable product ready by the end of this quarter so you can feast your eyes on it.

Quarter 1, 2019

Fix any new issues on a priority basis

Making the Rank Math plugin fully stable is #1 on our priority list. We are working day and night to ensure the version you have is free of bugs and fully optimized

Make the Rank Math's website live

Completed [February 6, 2019]
Having everything organized and available is almost as important as having something worth offering in the first place. Rank Math's website is a go-to place for anything related to WordPress + SEO

Launch the SEO Analyzer to everyone

Completed [February 9, 2019]
You should know how your website is faring when you are optimizing it and making it available to the public. SEO Analyzer helps audit your website's SEO

Offer support from Rank Math’s website

Completed [February 27, 2019]
Rank Math's website is dedicated to its users. It is only filling that we have a dedicated section for offering support via a dedicated channel as well

Robust Sitemap Module

Completed [March 5th, 2019]
Having simple sitemaps does not cut it anymore. We are working on a revolutionary new way to create, manage, and update your sitemaps

Extend the plugin’s tests by making them available via API

Some of the tests need to be run from our servers in order to ensure their accuracy. We are making them available via an API we developed specifically for Rank Math

Offer different Rank Math modules as separate plugins

  • 404 Monitor
    Released [March 12th, 2019]
    Even if you use any other SEO plugin, we give you an option to extend its functionality by installing this 404 Monitor plugin for taking a note of your errors
  • Redirection Manager
    Released [ March 27th, 2019]
    Cloak affiliate URLs, change internal links without affecting SEO, and fix 404s by pointing them to the closest resource you have. Redirections released on WordPress.org