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What Are the SEO Benefits of Sitemaps?

In this knowledgebase article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Sitemaps and why they matter for SEO.

What is a Sitemap?

Sitemap helps your website visitors to navigate to your website. It is nothing but a guide that contains information about the pages on the website. The reason for having all of them stored in one file “XML Sitemap” is that it helps crawlers to find all the pages in one place, instead of searching for them through internal links.

With a sitemap, you can ensure that Google and other search engines will know about all the content on your website, whether they index it or not.

Why Are Sitemaps Important?

A Sitemap has a major role to play in SEO. Google bots or crawlers notice your pages through internal linking and hence there are high chances that your important pages might be left out if the internal linking is not appropriate.

You would not want your pages to be left unindexed. To avoid these risks, we recommend you configure Sitemap as it contains all the URLs of a website to crawl.

What Is the Role of a Sitemap In Ranking & Crawling?

Sitemaps are well-known to rank websites within a search engine results page. XML sitemaps are recognized by all of the most popular search engines, enabling one single file to be submitted; and whenever there are changes made to the site, the file can simply be updated as and when needed.

However, when sites aren’t ranking – people tend to believe that this is a result of an issue with their website’s sitemap. This is untrue as sitemaps don’t affect the actual ranking of your webpages, they make it easier for search engines to crawl your website which leads to increased visibility of your website overall in search.

Having an XML Sitemap has now become a necessity for any kind of business. Fortunately, generating & configuring a sitemap for your website that you can submit to search engines couldn’t be easier than it is with the help of Rank Math.

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