How to Update Rank Math PRO

v2.13.0 July 30, 2021

  • Added: Improved FAQ Block UX by adding reordering feature. Now you can easily change the question order without rewriting the whole Question & Answer
  • Improved: [HUGE!] Converted the Classic Editor metabox into React for better performance and code optimization, removed more than 5,000 lines of code from the plugin!
  • Fixed: Hovering over the position graph in the Analytics Pages was creating a scroll bar
  • Fixed: Google Trends icon was disappearing after updating the post in Firefox
  • Fixed: Analytics button was showing in the single posts even if the Analytics account was not connected
  • Fixed: isFamilyFriendly property in Video schema was showing wrong value
  • Fixed: Console errors on Customizer page in WordPress v5.8

v2.12.0 July 15, 2021

  • Added: [HUGE!] Google Core Updates timeline in the Analytics Graphs
  • Added: Support for more advanced nested Schema in the Advanced Schema Generator
  • Improved: [HUGE!] Improved performance of the plugin even further
  • Fixed: Custom mode option in the Setup Wizard was showing an error on sites where FS_METHOD was FTP
  • Fixed: Some properties were getting duplicated when Importing the Schema from the HTML code

v2.11.0 June 30, 2021

  • Improved: [HUGE!] Made more huge code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Also, reduced the number of queries related to Rank Math on the Homepage and the Archive pages to improve performance further. Rank Math is indeed one of the FASTEST SEO PLUGINS
  • Improved: Video Schema Workflow
  • Improved: Even if you add regular video link of supported video services in the Embed field, Rank Math SEO will automatically convert that link into Embed URL and automatically fetch the data
  • Added: Support for Clip markup in the Video Schema
  • Added: The auto-detect Video feature now also adds the Video Title & Description automatically
  • Improved: After adding a video in the content and updating the post, Video Schema will now appear in the Schema tab of Rank Math without reloading the page
  • Improved: Description of Video Schema fields
  • Improved: Auto-Generated Video Schema now appears in the Schema tab after updating the post/page without reloading the post/page
  • Improved: Cookieless Analytics tracking feature on cached pages by improving the hashing formula
  • Fixed: Schema tab of Divi Builder was not opening on some setups
  • Fixed: Sitemap was showing a warning when the field type image was not in an array format in the ACF plugin
  • Removed: About & Mention Schema from the link search box of comment reply editor
  • Removed: Shortcode field from Schema generator of archive pages

v2.10.1 June 18, 2021

  • Fixed: Query Monitor plugin was showing missing script handler error in the Classic Editor
  • Fixed: PRO version was not being detected correctly in the Divi Frontend editor

v2.10.0 June 16, 2021

  • Added: [HUGE!] Introducing sorting option in the Analytics Tables. Now, you can sort Posts & Keywords using different column data like Position, Search Traffic, Clicks, CTR, etc.
  • Improved: [HUGE!] Made several significant code improvements that have made the plugin even FASTER. Rank Math now is one of the FASTEST SEO PLUGINS.
  • Added: An option to include only tracked keywords in the Email Reports
  • Removed: Genre & Stock options from the News Sitemap settings as those are not required anymore by Google
  • Improved: By default, the Rank Tracker tab sorts keywords by position
  • Improved: Remove site name from the News Sitemap titles to comply with Google’s Guidelines
  • Improved: Hide Schema Templates if the user has no permissions to edit them
  • Improved: File structure by moving assets in their respective module folders
  • Fixed: Sometimes Pagespeed date in the Single Post Report was not showing
  • Fixed: Local Business block was allowing the selection of the last 10 locations