How to Update Rank Math PRO

v2.16.0 September 17, 2021

v2.15.0 September 1, 2021

  • Improved: Replaced AdSense API v1.4 with v2.0
  • Improved: Labels on RM Locations Post Type
  • Improved: RM Locations & Schema templates will appear in the menu only when users have the rank_math_general capability
  • Improved: PRO plugin update button will now show only when an update of the free version is not available. It is always recommended to update the free version before the PRO version
  • Fixed: On RTL websites, the Add Keyword button was covering the keywords partially on the Rank Tracker page
  • Fixed: Trends data was not loading when there were more than 5 keywords
  • Fixed: Some CDATA was wrongly added in the page source on the frontend
  • Fixed: Pages created using the Divi builder was showing error on the frontend
  • Fixed: SEO data was not updating on some setups on taxonomy pages when Auto-Detect Video option was enabled
  • Fixed: Keywords added using the Keyword Tracker will now show in Rank Tracker instantly without needing to reload the page
  • Fixed: Bulk Editing was not showing all the SEO fields when multiple posts were selected
  • Fixed: Trends tool kept on showing Loading text for rare keywords with no popularity
  • Fixed: The isPartOf property added using Custom schema generator was getting removed from the Dataset schema
  • Fixed: Import schema using JSON code was not working when the imported schema had @type Service in the array
  • Fixed: Some values were getting removed from the imported schema data
  • Fixed: Adding Schema of the same type in the Schema Generator was not working
  • Fixed: Display condition to Include/Exclude Schema templates on the ‘Entire Site’ was not working

v2.13.0 July 30, 2021

  • Added: Improved FAQ Block UX by adding reordering feature. Now you can easily change the question order without rewriting the whole Question & Answer
  • Improved: [HUGE!] Converted the Classic Editor metabox into React for better performance and code optimization, removed more than 5,000 lines of code from the plugin!
  • Fixed: Hovering over the position graph in the Analytics Pages was creating a scroll bar
  • Fixed: Google Trends icon was disappearing after updating the post in Firefox
  • Fixed: Analytics button was showing in the single posts even if the Analytics account was not connected
  • Fixed: isFamilyFriendly property in Video schema was showing wrong value
  • Fixed: Console errors on Customizer page in WordPress v5.8

v2.12.0 July 15, 2021

  • Added: [HUGE!] Google Core Updates timeline in the Analytics Graphs
  • Added: Support for more advanced nested Schema in the Advanced Schema Generator
  • Improved: [HUGE!] Improved performance of the plugin even further
  • Fixed: Custom mode option in the Setup Wizard was showing an error on sites where FS_METHOD was FTP
  • Fixed: Some properties were getting duplicated when Importing the Schema from the HTML code